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The literature on Francis Bacon is large and ever expanding. While Bacon has been vividly discussed during his lifetime, after his death the uncovering of sketches by the artist, a rediscovery of paintings previously lost or presumed destroyed, and the reconstruction of his studio in Dublin have prompted a growing number of new studies, articles and exhibitions. Francis Bacon: Catalogue Raisonné, published by The Estate of Francis Bacon in 2016 contains a comprehensive bibliography of writing on the artist, which forms the basis of the present section on The Estate of Francis Bacon is currently in the process of digitising, editing, expanding and updating this bibliography and new entries will be uploaded on a regular basis.

You can filter the entries by publication type, and sort them by authoryear and title. You can find more information on the Francis Bacon Bibliography in our Notes for Users.

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Francis Bacon: La France et Monaco / France and Monaco

Martin Harrison, Albin Michel,Paris, Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation,Monte Carlo, 2016, French, English

Francis Bacon in your Blood: A Memoir

Michael Peppiatt, Bloomsbury Publishing,London and New York, 2015, English

Francis Bacon: Painting in a Godless World

Rina Arya, Lund Humphries,Farnham, 2012, English

Francis Bacon and Nazi Propaganda

Martin Hammer, Tate Publishing,London, 2012, English

Francis Bacon: Metamorphoses

Katharina Günther, The Estate of Francis Bacon,London, 2011, English

Francis Bacon - New Studies: Centenary Essays

Martin Harrison, Steidl,Göttingen, 2009, English

Francis Bacon: Incunabula

Martin Harrison, Rebecca Daniels, Thames & Hudson,London, 2008, English

Francis Bacon: Studies for a Portrait: Essays and Interviews

Michael Peppiatt, Yale University Press,New Haven and London, 2008, English

Francis Bacon

Francesca Marini, Thames & Hudson,London, Skira,Milan, 2008, English

Bacon and Sutherland

Martin Hammer, Yale University Press for Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art,New Haven, 2005, English

Francis Bacon's Studio

Margarita Cappock, Merrell,London, 2005, English

Bacon-Picasso: The Life of Images

Anne Baldassari, Flammarion,Paris, 2005, English

Bacon-Picasso: la vie des images

Anne Baldassari, Éditions de la Réunion des musées nationaux and Éditions Flammarion,Paris, 2005, French

Francis Bacon

Andrew Brighton, Tate Publishing,London, 2001, English

Looking Back at Francis Bacon

David Sylvester, Thames & Hudson,London, 2000, English

Francis Bacon: 'Taking Reality by Surprise'

Christophe Domino, Thames & Hudson,London, 1997, English

Bacon: monstre de peinture

Christophe Domino, Gallimard,Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou,Paris, 1996, French

Francis Bacon: Commitment and Conflict

Wieland Schmied, Prestel-Verlag,Munich and New York, 1996, English

Francis Bacon

Philippe Dagen, Editions Cercle d'Art,Paris, 1996, French

Francis Bacon and the Loss of Self

Ernst van Alphen, Reaktion Books,London, 1992, English

Francis Bacon

Hugh M. Davies, Sally Yard, Abbeville Press,New York, 1986, English

Francis Bacon: face et profil

Michel Leiris, Albin Michel,Paris, Prestel-Verlag,Munich, Ediciones Polígrafia,Barcelona, 1983, French

Francis Bacon: Full Face and in Profile

Michel Leiris, Phaidon,Oxford, Rizzoli,New York, 1983, English, French

Francis Bacon: cara y perfil

Michel Leiris, Ediciones Poligrafa,Madrid, 1983, Spanish

Francis Bacon: Logique de la Sensation

Gilles Deleuze, Éditions de la Differénce,La Roche-sur-Yon, 1981, French

Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation

Gilles Deleuze, Continuum,London and New York, 2003, English

Francis Bacon: The Early and Middle Years, 1928-1958

Hugh M. Davies, Garland Publishing,London and New York, 1978, English

Francis Bacon

Lorenza Trucchi, Fratelli Fabbri Editori,Milan, 1975, Italian

Francis Bacon

Lorenza Trucchi, Thames & Hudson,London, Harry N. Abrams,New York, 1976, English

Francis Bacon

John Russell, Thames & Hudson,London, New York Graphic Society,Greenwich, CT, 1971, English

Francis Bacon

John Russell, Thames & Hudson,London, Oxford University Press,New York, 1979, 1985, 1989, English

Francis Bacon

John Russell, Thames & Hudson,London, 1993, English

Francis Bacon: Catalogue Raisonné and Documentation

Ronald Alley, John Rothenstein, Thames & Hudson,London, Viking Press,New York, 1964, English

‘Bacon’s Beginnings’

James Norton, The Burlington Magazine, 2016, English

Francis Bacon: Late Paintings

Michael Cary, Gagosian Gallery,New York, 2015, English

Francis Bacon: Five Decades

Anthony Bond, Thames & Hudson,London, Art Gallery of New South Wales,Sydney, 2012, English

Francis Bacon: A Terrible Beauty

Logan Sisley, Steidl,Göttingen, 2009, English

Caravaggio Bacon

Michael Peppiatt, Federico Motta Editore,Milan, 2009, Italian, English

Francis Bacon

Matthew Gale, Chris Stephens, Tate Publishing,London, 2008, English

Francis Bacon: The Violence of the Real

Armin Zweite, Thames & Hudson,London, 2006, English

Francis Bacon in the 1950s

Michael Peppiatt, Yale University Press in assoc. with the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts,New Haven, 2006, English

Francis Bacon: Portraits and Heads

National Galleries of Scotland in association with the British Council,Edinburgh, 2005, English

Francis Bacon and the Tradition of Art

Skira,Milan, Thames & Hudson,London, 2003, English

Francis Bacon: Caged, Uncaged

Vincente Todoli, Fundação de Serralves,Porto, 2003, English, Portuguese, Portugal