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Francis Bacon and the Tradition of Art

Milan: Skira
London: Thames & Hudson
Year:  2003
Language: English
Pages: 371
ISBN/ISSN: 8884917212
Barbara Steffen, 'Chance and the Tradition of Art in Francis Bacon's Work', pp. 23-41
Norman Bryson, 'Bacon's Dialogues with the Past', pp. 43-55
Ernst van Alphen, '"Reconcentrations" : Bacon Reinventing his Models', pp. 57-69
Olivier Berggruen, 'Picasso & Bacon: Painting the Other Self', pp. 71-83
Margarita Cappock, '"The Chemist's Laboratory" : Francis Bacon's Studio', pp. 85-103
Michael Peppiatt, 'Bacon's Eyes', pp. 105-111
Barbara Steffen, Olivier Berggruen, Margarita Cappock, Alexandra Hennig, Felicitas Kunth, Verena Gamper, Catalogue of Works, pp. 115-341
David Sylvester, Michel Archimbaud, Extracts from Interviews, pp. 347-353
Number of artworks illustrated
45 works, 3 drawings, 59 pieces of archive material