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Francis Bacon: Lo Sagrado y lo Profano / The Sacred and the Profane

Valencia: IVAM Centre Julio Gonzalez
Year:  2003
Language: English, Spanish
Pages: 284
ISBN/ISSN: 9788448236465
Kosme de Barañano, 'On Francis Bacon and his Paraphrasis', pp. 8-31
Michael Peppiatt, 'Francis Bacon: the Sacred and the Profane', pp. 32-55
Hugh M. Davies, 'The Screaming Pope: Past Art and Present Reality', pp. 112-133
Kosme de Barañano, Ma. Jesús Folch, Interview with Massimo Martino, pp. 134-147
Michael Peppiatt, 'Portrait of the Artist at Work', pp. 149-169
Barbara Steffen, 'Bacon's Triptychs', pp. 170-181
Michael Peppiatt, Three Interviews with Francis Bacon, pp. 182-199
Number of artworks illustrated
41 works