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Francis Bacon - New Studies: Centenary Essays

By Martin Harrison (ed.)

With essays by Darren Ambrose, Richard Calvocoressi, Rebecca Daniels, Hugh M. Davies, Marcel Finke, Martin Harrison, Andrew R. Lee, Brenda Marshall and Joanna Russell.

Göttingen: Steidl
Year:  2009
Language: English
Pages: 272
ISBN/ISSN: 9783865219466
Darren Ambrose, 'Bacon's Spiritual Realism - The Spirit in the Body', pp. 11-46
Richard Calvocoressi, 'Bacon and Lerski: A Possible Dialogue', pp. 47-56
Rebecca Daniels, 'Francis Bacon and Walter Sickert: 'Images which unlock other images'', pp. 57-88
Hugh M. Davies, 'Interviewing Bacon, 1973', pp. 89-124
Marcel Finke, 'Francis Bacon's alter ego? Critical Remarks on the Barry Joule collection', pp. 125-142
Martin Harrison, 'Painting, Smudging', pp. 143-168
Andrew R. Lee, 'Francis Bacon, Medievalist?', pp. 169-208
Brenda Marshall, 'Francis Bacon, Trash and Complicity', pp. 209-232
Joanna Russell, ''The Mystery of the Paint': Francis Bacon's Materials', pp. 233-245