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Francis Bacon: Critical and Theoretical Perspectives

By Rina Arya (ed.)
New York: Peter Lang
Year:  2012
Language: English
Pages: 207
ISBN/ISSN: 9783034308892
Stephen Turk, 'Francis Bacon: Video Games and the Fragmented Architectural Body', pp. 11-34
John G. Hatch, 'Seeing and Seen: Acts of the Voyeur in the Works of Francis Bacon', pp. 35-48
Peter Jones, 'Bacon and Bataille', pp. 49-80
Rina Arya, 'The Existential Dimension of Bacon's Art', pp. 81-102
Nicholas Chare, 'Wrestling with the Archive: Saving Barry Joule's Bacon', pp. 103-120
Martin Hammer, 'Contradiction and Continuity in the Art of Francis Bacon', pp. 121-168
Darren Ambrose, 'Deleuze's Bacon: Automatism and Pictorial Fact', pp. 169-193