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Francis Bacon: A Terrible Beauty

By Logan Sisley (ed.)

This book is an in-depth investigation into the Francis Bacon's studio archive at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane. It is an essential tool for all those interested in Francis Bacon and a must for future scholarship on the artist.

Göttingen: Steidl
Year:  2009
Language: English
Pages: 208
ISBN/ISSN: 9783869300276
Logan Sisley, 'Catalogue of Paintings', pp. 12-40
Martin Harrison, 'Unfinished Paintings', pp. 40-49
Barbara Dawson, 'Francis Bacon: A Terrible Beauty', pp. 50-69
Martin Harrison, 'Latent Images', pp. 70-87
Jessica O' Donnell, '"The Street ... the only Valid Field of Experience" : Francis Bacon and the Photography of John Deakin', pp. 88-121
Marcel Finke, '"I Don't Find It At All Violent Myself" : Bacon's Material Practice and the Human Body', pp. 122-133
Rebecca Daniels, 'Francis Bacon and Peter Beard: The Dead Elephant Interviews and Other Stories', pp. 134-151
Joanna Shepard, 'A Game of Chance: The Media and Techniques of Francis Bacon', pp. 152-175
Number of artworks illustrated
22 works, works on paper and selected archival material, illus.